Manual Handling Instructor Training Course

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Manual Handling Instructor Training Course

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Full Course Title: In-House Manual Handling Instructional Techniques And Skills Assessment Course (Non Registered)

Ratio: Max 6 students per course

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Course Durations:
3 Day Manual Handling Instructor Training Course

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3 Day Manual Handling Instructor Training Course

The ideal course for the person involved with the training of in-company employees. Very careful consideration should be given to the selection of course candidates who will become responsible for conducting in-house training and skills assessments. Applicants must be physically and mentally capable, have the necessary literacy skills to collate written information and compose reports.

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Course Detail

This course complies with the recommendations of the Health & Safety Commission “Approved Code Of Practice and Supplementary Guidance for Rider Operated Lift Truck Operator Training” (L117).

On successful completion of this theoretical and practical training course trainees should be able to operate the machine safely and skilfully. They will have practiced manoeuvring the machine both unladen and laden in confined areas, stacked and de-stacked at various levels and will have been instructed in daily and pre-shift inspection and refuelling procedures.

All trainees will also have undergone the appropriate theoretical and practical tests of 'basic operating skills and knowledge' as endorsed by the appropriate accrediting bodies.

Successful candidates will be certificated and their employers will receive a written assessment and a certificate of attendance.