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Following considerable support from the UK British Industrial Truck Association, and in consultation with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Trade Union Congress(TUC), Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and others involved in the professional training of operators and instructors of industrial trucks. ITSSAR/RTITB introduced an accreditation scheme driven by practical training specialists and aimed at improving standards of training and safety in the operation of industrial trucks.

ITSSAR/RTITB are members of the ABA (Accrediting Bodies Association) approved and listed as an accrediting organisation by the Health & Safety Commission (HSC) in the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) for Fork Truck Operator Training.

It has been constructed to cover all sectors of industry which use industrial trucks and it registers and monitors instructors and training organisations meeting its standards.

Practical trainers specialising everyday in the industrial truck training industry set ITSSAR/RTITB standards. The standards are relevant, current, comprehensive and meet national standards.

ITSSAR/RTITB promotes the high standard of training and operation in industry targeted by the ACoP.

ITSSAR/RTITB specialises in all types of industrial truck and mobile materials handling equipment, abrasive wheels, slinging.signalling, etc..

ITSSAR/RTITB our dedicated to help you to improve your training.


• Low cost, because the scheme is industry driven and non profit making.
• Covers all sectors of industry
• Access to information to assist you in maintaining standards of training beyond the required minimum.
• Inclusion in the ITSSAR/RTITB Directory which is distributed to professional bodies and organisations seeking Accredited Trainers.
• Access to training aides and literature
• A laid down complaints procedure is available if needed
• All members accept that their activities will be independently monitored.
• All registrations are verifiable by certificate and identity card which include a photograph for recognition and security.
• A National Registration Scheme is available to all ITSSAR/RTITB Instructors for registration of Operators.

ITSSAR/RTITB offers several categories of accreditation:

Category 1: Registered Instructor
Category 2: Operator Training Organisation
Category 3: Instructor & Operator Training Organisation
Category 4: Registered Tutor
Category 5: Registered Examiner
Category 6: Site Safety Awareness (Operator)
Category 8: Plant Operator
Category 9: Management & Supervisors

ITSSAR/RTITB also offers the facility for registrations of Fork Lift Truck Operators